From Supreme Court rulings to protests, AI to school choice: 2023 rocked education

It was a tumultuous year in education: New technologies, chaos erupting on campuses, the ditching of affirmative action, student loan whiplash and the rise of school choice. And they’re not issues that are going to remain in the past, as higher education struggles with directives on diversity and protests related to Israel’s war in Gaza; AI’s evolution will continue to disrupt education across grade levels; and the Biden administration seeks to give loan forgiveness where it can. In a year that has shaken students, educators and those who have been out of school for years, here are some of the top education stories from 2023:  Supreme court rulings: Student loans and affirmative action  Halfway into the year, two of the biggest higher education shake-ups happened when the conservative-majority Supreme Court ruled against student loan relief and affirmative action in the college application process. The court struck down Biden’s student debt forgiveness plan, which would have given at least $10,000 to every borrower with student loan debt.  While it left most borrowers to face the restart of payments this fall, the administration has been able to give targeted loan forgiveness to certain groups of borrowers. “The Biden-Harris Administration has taken unprecedented action to fix the broken student loan system and deliver record amounts of student debt relief,” Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona said, with the administration forgiving $132 billion in student loans so far.   The Department of Education is working on a new student debt relief plan to replace the one struck down…From Supreme Court rulings to protests, AI to school choice: 2023 rocked education