From lake science to bones to snails, these TikTok accounts are STEM treasure troves

Since its inception, TikTok has become an arbiter of culture, memes, and even political organizing, all while curating eerily specific For Your Pages for its users full of dancing videos, funny filters, and viral songs. But one of its most promising uses is connecting more people to fun, educational accounts, spanning the range of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). STEM creators have gathered tons of engagement on their informational videos in various fields of science, math, and even public health, as physicians took to the platform to dispel misconceptions about the COVID-19 pandemic. Educational accounts like these combine the easily digestible format of the short-form video app with hard science, making often over-the-head STEM topics easily digestible for millions of viewers. SEE ALSO: Want to know more about LGBTQ history? Follow these accounts. The STEM side of TikTok offers something for just about everyone — no science interest is too niche. Scroll on for a short list of STEM accounts sharing content across a wide range of expertise, and give a few of them a follow to add some fun, educational videos to your FYP. @Geodesaurus Geo Rutherford is a printmaker, fiber and book artist, and resident teacher of lake science for more than one million TikTok users. Rutherford’s account is a neat combination of beautiful, environment-inspired art and science posts about hydrology, geology, and underwater exploration. She’s known for her “spooky lake month” series, in which she spends all of October sharing eerie or unusual facts about bodies of water…From lake science to bones to snails, these TikTok accounts are STEM treasure troves