From deepfake nudes to incriminating audio, school bullying is going AI

Students are quickly learning the ease with which artificial intelligence (AI) can create nefarious content, opening up a new world of bullying that neither schools nor the law are fully prepared for.  Educators are watching in horror as deepfake sexual images are created of their students, with sham voice recordings and videos also posing a looming threat.   Advocates are sounding the alarm on the potential damage — and on gaps in both the law and school policies. “We need to keep up and we have a responsibility as folks who are supporting educators and supporting parents and families as well as the students themselves to help them understand the complexity of handling these situations, so that they understand the context, they can learn to empathize and make ethical decisions about the use and application of these AI systems and tools,” said Pati Ruiz, senior director of education technology and emerging tech at Digital Promise.   At Westfield High School in New Jersey last year, teen boys used AI to create sexually explicit images of female classmates.  “In this situation, there was some boys or a boy — that’s to be determined — who created, without the consent of the girls, inappropriate images,” Dorota Mani, the mother of one of the girls at the school who was targeted, told CNN at the time.   And in Pennsylvania, a mother allegedly created AI images of her daughter’s cheerleading rivals naked and drinking at a party before sending them to their coach, the…From deepfake nudes to incriminating audio, school bullying is going AI