Elon Musk said Twitter Blue subscribers would see 'half as many ads.' That's not true.

One of the main upcoming features touted by Twitter for users who subscribe to Twitter Blue has been the ability to see less advertising.When owner Elon Musk announced the $8 per month paid subscription service (or $11 per month on mobile) shortly after acquiring the company last year, he specifically said that subscribers get “half as many ads.”Now that Twitter has finally shared details of the ad removal feature, we know that’s not actually the case.  Tweet may have been deleted (opens in a new tab) As first spotted by TechCrunch, Twitter has updated its About Twitter Blue help page which includes more information about the “half ads” feature that’s rolling out. And, as it turns out, subscribers are not actually getting “half ads.”Here’s the entire section with the details:Half ads: See approximately 50% fewer ads in the For You and Following timelines. As you scroll, you will see approximately twice as many organic or non-promoted Tweets placed in between promoted Tweets or ads. There may be times when there are more or fewer non-promoted Tweets between promoted Tweets. The half ads feature does not apply to promoted content elsewhere on Twitter, including but not limited to ads on profiles, ads in Tweet replies, promoted events in Explore, promoted trends, and promoted accounts to follow. Blue subscribers will have access to this feature after their account has been reviewed for eligibility and the blue checkmark has been applied.Let’s pick it apart.The first thing to notice is that this only affects…Elon Musk said Twitter Blue subscribers would see 'half as many ads.' That's not true.