Debanked Nigel Farage Blasts UK Bank NatWest’s New Cash Limits

If you’re tired of censorship and dystopian threats against civil liberties, subscribe to Reclaim The Net. Former British member of the EU parliament (MEP) Nigel Farage, who is no stranger to politically motivated “de-banking,” (watch our video report on it here) is keeping an eye on what the banks are doing next. Nothing new, as it happens – the one that de-banked him, NatWest (via Coutts) – has changed its terms and conditions, but the big picture is that of the overall and long-standing push toward a cashless society. Farage spotted that NatWest has now introduced a limit on how much cash can be both withdrawn and deposited. And if the banking group so chooses, they reserve the “absolute right” to refuse cash and/or cheques, according to the new rules, effective September 11. In a video posted on X, Farage revealed the sheer scale of personal and business accounts terminated by banks – apparently without proper explanation or deadline. The number he quoted is one million in the UK, in the last four years. The government there now wants better rules and more transparency (for personal accounts only), which Farage welcomes, but notes that banks are not doing this voluntarily. And while waiting for the sector to implement such new rules – and given the fact this is not their idea, that could take a while – the cashless push is happening much more efficiently. Critics of the trend often cite it as yet another privacy-undermining policy aimed at giving…Debanked Nigel Farage Blasts UK Bank NatWest’s New Cash Limits