Carbon Passports Are The Next Dystopian Surveillance Threat

If you’re tired of censorship and dystopian threats against civil liberties, subscribe to Reclaim The Net. The digital ID agenda is already on the horizon. But it doesn’t stop there. Digital carbon passports are the next big proposal. Travel enthusiasts worldwide might soon face a drastic change in exploring international borders, with global warming triggering the implementation of carbon passports that could limit their wanderlust, asserts Intrepid Travel in a recently published report. Dubbing these restrictions as “personal carbon allowances,” the report portends they would serve as determinants compelling individuals to conform to the global carbon budget. With imposed limitations on yearly travel anticipated by as soon as 2040, travelers might be forced to relinquish the horizon-expansion privileges, usually afforded by contemporary tourism. Crafted in collaboration with forecasting agency The Future Laboratory, the report highlights the alleged repercussions of climate change on popular summer destinations like Greece and Majorca, supposedly deemed too hot for humans. The introduction of carbon passports could raise serious privacy concerns about the level of surveillance exercised over individuals’ movements and behavior. Could these measures act as precursors to overreaching surveillance, tracking individuals’ carbon footprints? As governments and corporations scramble to tackle climate issues, the thin line between necessary action and privacy invasion continues to blur dangerously. These policies might disguise themselves as a necessary evil for the greater good, but they could impinge upon individual liberty and confidentiality, counteracting democratic values. It’s crucial to ensure global responses don’t sideline privacy rights and morph into invasive…Carbon Passports Are The Next Dystopian Surveillance Threat