Candace Owens Joins Rumble After YouTube Censorship

Political commentator Candace Owens, of The Daily Wire, has joined Rumble – after a month of Big Tech political censorship hitting the conservative media outlet and its commentators. Owens recently criticized YouTube for demonetizing some of her videos which, according to the platform, violated policies on misgendering transgender individuals. The demonetization was part of a larger wave of punishment towards The Daily Wire brand, with the company suddenly receiving 104 violations within the last 90 days and over 200 in recent months – putting the company at risk of a ban. Soon after the censorship, Owens joined Big Tech alternative Rumble, adding to the growing number of creators and commentators that have switched to the platform in the wake of censorship. Owens discussed the YouTube demonetization issue on her podcast and later on Twitter. She claimed that YouTube penalizes content creators for not respecting the preferred pronouns of individuals, stating, “if you properly gender someone you can have your [YouTube] account hit. If that person does not feel that they are that gender that day. So reality does not matter on YouTube, people’s feelings about reality does, which is a shocking thing.” The post Candace Owens Joins Rumble After YouTube Censorship appeared first on Reclaim The Net.Candace Owens Joins Rumble After YouTube Censorship