CalyxOS Is Now Available for More Motorola Phones

If you’re tired of censorship and dystopian threats against civil liberties, subscribe to Reclaim The Net. One of the Calyx Institute’s projects, CalyxOS, an alternative mobile operating system for Android phones – marketed as above all focused on privacy and security – has announced that it is now available for three more Motorola models: G32, G42, and G52. In a post on X, those behind CalyxOS explained that this was an important move for them because it marked expanding the number of devices and therefore users able to enjoy what they call their “privacy by design”-driven OS. The announcement further notes that the mission behind the project – to make this OS available to as many people as possible, isn’t actually helped by the fact Google’s Pixel phones are what they call “the default,” the easiest “to support while maintaining the Android security model with a locked boot loader and full verified boot.” Related: An introduction to CalyxOS While Pixels are good for that, they are not available in many countries, and are on the higher end of the price range for Android phones. In contrast, the Motorola models that just got announced are said to cost half the money, while being available in markets such as South America, Asia, and Middle East and North Africa. The makers of CalyxOS especially thanked those over at Lineage Android for the help in making this latest expansion of available devices possible. CalyxOS says that it is designed to “minimize” some of the worst,…CalyxOS Is Now Available for More Motorola Phones