Bluesky is facing community backlash after letting users register accounts with racial slurs

After Elon Musk acquired Twitter, brought back many previously banned far-right users, and removed moderation policies, many users sought out an alternative.And some found that alternative in Bluesky. Or so they thought.Over the past week, Bluesky users have been protesting on the platform after a number of accounts using racial slurs in their usernames were discovered. The most prominent example of this was a user whose Bluesky handle was the n-word. In addition, the Bluesky community found that this was happening because the platform failed to block the ability for users to register such names.  The first post in Bluesky’s public statement. Credit: Mashable screenshot According to the Bluesky team, they initially received reports about the account on Wednesday and removed it within 40 minutes. The team also said it patched the code that allowed these handles to be created within that timeframe as well. Bluesky’s full public statement posted on its account. Credit: Mashable screenshot Bluesky also provided Mashable with a statement, similar to the one that was posted on the platform’s official Bluesky account.”On Wednesday, users reported an account that had a slur as its handle. This handle was absolutely in violation of our community guidelines, and it was our mistake that allowed it to be created. Forty minutes after it was reported, our moderation team saw the report and took the account down. The code that allowed this to occur was patched the same evening, and the next day, we continued to work on a more comprehensive…Bluesky is facing community backlash after letting users register accounts with racial slurs