BitChute Launches Rants and Raves, An Anonymous, Ephemeral, Real-Time Chat Feature

If you’re tired of censorship and dystopian threats against civil liberties, subscribe to Reclaim The Net. BitChute, a platform championing free speech in video sharing has introduced new features called “Rants and Raves.” This feature is unique in its ability to provide a safe space for user expression. Accessible on all BitChute channels, it opens a door for the platform’s extensive user base, numbering in the tens of millions monthly, to engage in candid, unmoderated discussions, all the while maintaining their anonymity and upholding free speech principles. Ray Vahey, BitChute’s co-founder and CEO, emphasized the platform’s commitment to free speech, stating, “As the industry’s only true free speech platform, we are always challenging ourselves to create innovations for users to enjoy and that further the importance and our mission of free speech. Rants and Raves does just that and is designed in a way that we believe people will enjoy using it. We are the only ones providing a private conversation in a public sphere.” The essence of Rants and Raves lies in its anonymization process. Users, identified only through pseudonyms generated by the system, can freely share their views and reactions to videos. These comments, however, are ephemeral, visible only for 60 minutes before vanishing, and are neither stored nor tracked by BitChute, reinforcing the commitment to user privacy and free speech. This design also helps reduce the burden of content moderation, while still adhering to regulatory standards for content moderation in certain countries. The post BitChute Launches Rants…BitChute Launches Rants and Raves, An Anonymous, Ephemeral, Real-Time Chat Feature