Biden’s 2024 Campaign Will Continue Flagging “Misinformation” To Big Tech

If you’re tired of censorship and dystopian threats against civil liberties, subscribe to Reclaim The Net. The Biden regime’s practice of flagging content for censorship and pressuring platforms to remove content that it deems to be “misinformation” is so pervasive that it’s the subject of a major censorship lawsuit where an appeals court recently ruled that the Biden admin violated the First Amendment when pushing for social media censorship. Despite this ruling, Joe Biden’s 2024 presidential campaign plans to continue flagging so-called misinformation to social media platforms, “reaching out” to social media companies, and working with media outlets to “fact-check untruths.” Additionally, it may target “deepfakes” in states with laws against the technology and use “applicable copyright laws.” According to POLITICO, Biden’s campaign will hire hundreds of staffers and volunteers to monitor online platforms as part of this effort. Not only is Biden’s campaign planning to continue engaging in actions similar to those that were flagged by an appeals court for violating the First Amendment, but one of the leaders of the Biden campaign’s effort will be Rob Flaherty, a former White House Digital Director who is a defendant in the First Amendment lawsuit that the appeals court ruled on. Flaherty is currently a deputy campaign manager for Biden’s 2024 campaign. Documents that were uncovered as part of the censorship lawsuit against the Biden admin revealed that Flaherty was one of the Biden White House’s most aggressive censorship proponents. Flaherty demanded that Facebook censor then-Fox News host Tucker Carlson and…Biden’s 2024 Campaign Will Continue Flagging “Misinformation” To Big Tech