Behind the Mic with Quinta Jurecic, Bridget Todd & Justin Hendrix

Audio of this conversation is available via your favorite podcast service. Two weeks ago, I participated in a panel discussion at Tech and Society week, a series of events across Georgetown’s campus hosted by Emily Tavoulareas, Managing Chair of the Georgetown Initiative on Tech & Society. Tech and Society Week is a physical manifestation of that initiative, which draws together research centers across the university spanning disciplines including ethics, national security, foreign policy, law, public policy, public administration, public health. The panel featured a discussion between three podcast hosts focused on tech and tech policy, including myself and: Quinta Jurecic, a fellow in governance studies at the Brookings Institution, a senior editor at Lawfare, and a contributing writer at The Atlantic. Jurecic is one of an array of hosts on the Lawfare podcast, and she’s the co-host of a long running series called Arbiters of Truth that focuses on the information ecosystem. Bridget Todd, director of public communications for Ultraviolet, a gender justice organization trying to build a more feminist, anti-racist internet, and the creator and host of the iHeartRadio tech and culture podcast There Are No Girls on the Internet. We talked about a range of issues, from the recent Utah social media bills aimed at protecting children; legal questions that surround generative AI; and what’s behind the broader lack of progress on tech policy issues at the federal level in the U.S. The post Behind the Mic with Quinta Jurecic, Bridget Todd & Justin Hendrix appeared first on Tech…Behind the Mic with Quinta Jurecic, Bridget Todd & Justin Hendrix