Australia: NSW Leader Wants To Ban Online Live Streaming of Climate Change Protests

Civil liberties advocates have lashed out at the New South Wales Labor government’s attempts to stop climate activists from live streaming protests on Facebook. Members of Blockade Australia staged and streamed protests across the country this week. The premier, Chris Minns, announced via the Daily Telegraph on Thursday that he would request a meeting with the social media giant, alongside police, to see what they can do to “stop the broadcast of illegal acts.” “Their business model relies on social media to broadcast their protest,” he said of the Blockade Australia protesters. “These thrill demonstrators are putting lives at risk – both their own and those of emergency service and police. “I don’t want to see a situation where there’s a death broadcast on social media.” The opposition supported the idea, with the leader and former attorney general, Mark Speakman, saying it would help deprive the protesters of attention. “We all have a right to protest, but other people have rights as well…all those rights have to be balanced,” he said. Blockade Australia is a disruptive network established to protest climate change. But independent MP Alex Greenwich said it was a “deeply concerning” development, noting the importance of protest in democracies. “I strongly oppose those protest laws that were rushed through the parliament last year. Freedom to protest is such a fundamental right that we really need to be protecting,” he said. The president of the NSW Council for Civil Liberties, Josh Pallas, accused the premier of attempting to shut…Australia: NSW Leader Wants To Ban Online Live Streaming of Climate Change Protests