Argentina Begins To Roll Out Biometric ATMs

Good news for those in Argentina who want their ATMs to have biometric capabilities (any one?): as of today, 90 percent of these machines in the country operated by Red Link, a company behind the largest ATM network there, have biometric tech in them. And the plan is to finish the job by the end of the year by adding the remaining 10 percent to the scheme. A press release issued by Red Link’s partner, Diebold Nixdorf, tells of this, and more, noting that the latter company is “a world leader” in transforming the way people shop and bank, by means of “automating and digitizing” these processes. Diebold Nixdorf, a US company, specifies that 90 percent of Red Link’s ATM network in Argentina has been migrated to DN Series ATMs. The “slow march” towards full migration started in 2017 with Red Link’s chosen partner, and DN Series starting to be included two years later. Currently, the system incorporates more than 40 banks in this perennially financially vulnerable South American country.   Now, with the DN Series, Red Link and the banks it works with are able to “improve customer experience.” An interesting choice of words to describe something so acrimoniously controversial as introduction of biometrics – fingerprints and facial recognition – into people’s daily lives. But that’s just what’s been introduced here, to “improve the experience” of a majority of Argentina’s ATM users, and those behind the “improvement” promise better security and efficiency thanks to “remotely optimized and automated processes.”…Argentina Begins To Roll Out Biometric ATMs