Apple to launch new AI 'Intelligence' feature, partner with ChatGPT

Apple will offer new artificial intelligence (AI) features for users across products in its upcoming software updates, both through its own new native “Apple Intelligence” and a partnership that will incorporate ChatGPT into devices. Apple Intelligence aims to give users an AI system that is personalized to their needs, the company announced Monday at its developer’s conference. Apple’s announcement of Apple Intelligence, combined with updates coming to its AI voice assistant Siri, is the latest AI push from a tech giant, following recent AI advancements rolled out by Google, Microsoft and OpenAI. Apple touted how its AI update will be more personalized for users, compared to other generative AI tools released on the market. Through Apple Intelligence, users will be able to prioritize their notifications or help rewrite language across apps, including in emails, notes or messages. The feature will be included as part of the launch of the new iOS18, as well as updates coming to operating systems for the Mac and iPad, which will be released in the fall. Apple also announced that use of its AI voice assistant Siri will be more advanced, allowing users to use more conversational context through follow-up questions. Through using Apple Intelligence and user context, users will be able to ask Siri specific questions to find information that may have been shared through an email or message without having to change which app the user is using. For example, a user can ask Siri what time a family member’s flight will land…Apple to launch new AI 'Intelligence' feature, partner with ChatGPT