Apollo app to shut down as Reddit API dispute somehow gets uglier

Reddit’s most popular third-party app, Apollo, will shut down due to new API feesReddit’s recent decision to charge third-party developers exorbitant fees for API access just killed off it’s biggest, most popular app.Apollo for Reddit will shut down for good at the end of the month, according to developer Christian Selig.”In order to avoid incurring charges I will delete Apollo’s API token on the evening of June 30th PST,” Selig wrote in a long Reddit post detailing the decision to shut down Apollo. “Until that point, Apollo should continue to operate as it has, but after that date attempts to connect to the Reddit API will fail.” Tweet may have been deleted (opens in a new tab) Apollo is a third-party Reddit client that has become extremely popular with the platform’s usebase over the years due to its streamlined design and easy accessibility. Some Redditors have shared that they would actually refrain from using Reddit entirely if they couldn’t experience the platform via Apollo. Selig told TechCrunch last month that Apollo has 900,000 daily active users. Mobile app analytics firm Data.ai tells Mashable that Apollo for Reddit has been downloaded an estimated 5 million times globally.Selig went public last week with the issues he was having with Reddit regarding the company’s choice to start charging third-party developers for API access. According to Selig, after numerous back-and-forths with Reddit, it became clear that the new API model would cost the solo developer $20 million per year just to run Apollo.According to…Apollo app to shut down as Reddit API dispute somehow gets uglier