The Rise of Blackhat SEO with the Emergence of AI Tools

The following blogpost, is written with AI. Using a propped to create a blogpost based on the article AI Will Break Online Search. That article claims that generative AI tools are going to fuel Blackhat SEO.

Now the AI generated article:

With the rise of AI tools for content creation, marketers can generate volumes of content at scale. This is exciting for companies, but this also presents a challenge. Blackhat SEO is about to be scaled with the aid of AI, breaking the online search as we know it. The magic box at the top of the browser where we all reflexively type “how to [blank]”, “[blank] near me”, “best [blank] Reddit”, and anything else we seek a semi-reliable answer to will no longer provide the same quality of results.

One reason for the decline of search quality is the volume of things on the internet (quantity) and the lower average caliber of all those things (quality). While Google search has been declining in quality for years, AI tools will take blackhat SEO to the next level, flooding the internet with spam content.

Generative text AI is impressive, as it can create unique content in perfect English, but it is often plagiarized and inaccurate. The tools will be used to generate volumes of pages that fill websites that exist only to influence purchasing decisions with no concern for user value. This will be a major concern for companies that value user experience, as users may not be able to trust the top results on Google search results anymore.

While blackhat SEO has always existed, AI will enable unfettered use of marketing tactics. Private blog networks (PBNs) and click-through rate (CTR) manipulation are among the tactics that will be scaled with AI. PBNs are a network of websites that exist primarily to link to other websites to help rank them in Google and other search engines. CTR manipulation is a tactic that uses bots or real humans to coordinate clicks on a search engine results page(SERP) to influence a website’s ranking for a given term.

It is important to note that blackhat SEO is not the same as SEO optimization and strategy. Companies must understand that using blackhat SEO tactics can harm their reputation and do more damage than good in the long run. Blackhat SEO tactics may provide quick wins, but they will eventually lead to penalties and a loss of credibility with search engines.

In conclusion, AI tools for content creation will change the digital marketing landscape forever, and with the rise of these tools, blackhat SEO tactics will become more prevalent than ever. Companies must take a stand to protect their reputation and ensure that they are not using blackhat SEO tactics to manipulate search rankings. The internet must be kept clean of spam and low-quality content, and user experience must be a top priority for companies. Only then can we ensure that the magic box at the top of the browser continues to provide us with valuable, relevant results.