About Us

Humanis Solutions is an Internet News Services providing timely internet and technology news.

Day by day perusers of our site incorporate many Internet businesses. Most are IT experts, agents and corporate leaders, web designers, industry investigators, stock financial specialists, advisors and other people who need to stay educated about e-business and innovation patterns.9

Diagram of Key Demographics

  • ECT News Network Audience Annual Purchasing Power Exceeds $100 Billion
  • 90% of our perusers are e-business and innovation experts
  • 26% work at big business level organizations
  • 45% work at average sized organizations
  • 23% work at little organizations
  • More than 90% have corporate acquiring power; 59% have buying power of more than $10 million every year; 32% have buying power of more than $50 million every year

More than 40% are top leaders: c-level, official and administrative