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On this blog, my friends and I review the latest albums, cool songs, music apps, online beat maker software, and other things that are of interest to us.

In recent years, I’ve fallen in love with Electronic Dance Music or EDM. What is EDM? Mainly it is a type of music created by utilizing different electronic musical instruments, mostly keyboards. This musical structure developed in the mid-21st century and is played mostly in clubs, discos, bars, raves, and wherever people just want to dance. Club DJs regularly play EDM as one of their main forms of music, changing the rhythms to synchronize them with different melodies utilizing beat maker software. Drums, keyboards and vocals are all utilized as a part of Electronic Dance Music.

It has actually been around for quite some time. EDM first started from a mix of house music, disco, and techno. It was around the mid-1990s that this type of dance music rose up and started growing in prevalence. EDM pioneers used electronic instruments like synthesizers, sequencers, mood cushions and so forth to create a form of music that makes people just want to move.

Making Electronic Dance Music At Home

One of the best things about this type of music is that you can easily create it at home. All you need is a computer, some type of online beat maker, and possible a microphone.

The Web is another big help for music techies. It can help any musical novice find out about EDM. There are many different sites that offer free access to EDM music tracks to make your own tunes. There are also many websites offering free midi files for download. You can grab them for free and then adjust them to your own liking utilizing your personal innovativeness and musical aptitudes.

If you plan on making Electronic Dance Music At Home, you have to have two primary things - A real love for the music style and a PC with the right type of software.

It is in your best interest to have a decent quality sound card. At the point when you are utilizing MIDI sound files, the resultant sound will absolutely depend on how good your sound card and speakers are. Really great sound cards allow you to do a lot more with the music. You can change over a MIDI into a WAV or MP3 file by utilizing the card and get it recorded onto a CD or DVD which can be played on any music player or embedded into a website or Tumblr blog.

Some Of The Best EMD Bands

Looking for inspiration of some great EMD bands to get started. Here is a list of my own favorite bands. I’ve been playing around with taking their music and using electronic beat maker software to customize the songs to my own liking (for personal use, of course).

  • The Prodigy
  • Swedish House Mafia
  • DJ Tiesto
  • Armin van Buuren
  • Daft Punk
  • Paul Oakenfold
  • The Chemical Brothers
  • Fatboy Slim
  • Dash Berlin
  • Paul van Dyk

So what EMD bands are you into? You can find more about this type of music on my social media channels on Tumblr and YouTube, plus lots of examples of EMD music that my friends and I have made.